The nation of Konnorith is in turmoil. After the assassination of its king, two factions began a violent and bloody civil war for control of the land. Without a stable ruler, power is divided between several provinces.

Thrust into the middle of the fighting and intrigue is a party of several adventurers, framed for the assassination of the king and engaged in a desperate struggle to survive and, ultimately, track down the true assassin and prove their names.

The Konnorith campaign utilizes a standard D&D setting, with a few minor tweaks. Most of the world is completely open to the PCs, and the open-endedness puts a lot of choice into their hands. The rest of the world reacts dynamically to their decisions. The campaign is highly tailorable to the playstyle of the PCs.

Currently the PCs are just starting with the campaign, now that it has gone under a few revisions after the previous group.