Escape from the Imyur

Session 1

High Treason

Konnorith. A land a riches and opportunity. A prospering nation where hopeful adventurers can make their fortune or find their doom. Our adventure begins in this bountiful island nation, in the grand capital city of Fire Den. Seated in the charred mountains of Kuldor, the Fire Den is a fortress-city where King Gromnir Ironbrow makes his home. Loved by his people, he prepares to make a public speech in the massive Arena.

The city guard are on high alert while the king makes his public appearance. Guardsmen watch every entrance to the Arena, scanning for trouble. Because there are simply not enough guards to adequately protect the aging king, Guard Captain Jakob Parvus posts a call for mercenaries and adventures to fill out the ranks. Five unrelated, inexperienced adventurers answer that call and are tasked with watching the western entrance to the Arena floor. Unbeknownst to them, this seemingly mundane job will throw them into a wild adventure that would change Konnorith forever.

Andreus the paladin, Damathus the wizard, Papalonius the ranger, Gorgalac the barbarian, and Amorion the sorceror were ordered to guard the western entrance the Arena. After trading introductions, they took up their posts. A movement in a shaded alleyway caught Andreus’s eye, but when he turned to look, it was gone. Damathus slipped away to use the bathroom and returned shortly afterwards.

Suddenly, screams erupted from within the Arena. The group spun around and, to their horror, Damathus was gone! Panicked civilians spilled out of the Arena entrance, shouting and crying. The party dashed into the building’s interior and saw the king—face-down on the ground, with Damathus standing over him, bloody dagger in hand. The wizard sprinted towards the rest of the party, stunning all but Papadonius with a Hold Person spell. The ranger pursued him into the streets, but he immediately vanished into the crowd.

Hours later, Guard Captain Jakob Parvus interrogated the party. After the party confirmed that Damathus had been with them at his post, Parvus motioned for two other guards to enter the room, dragging Damthus behind them, bound in chains. Parvus mentioned that because of their proximity to Damathus, he would have to search their gear. When he did so, he discovered a crumpled note in Amorion’s bag, which read:


The poison is ready, and Papalonius has acquired a dagger for us. The documents that Andreus forged for the city guard have placed us very near to the site of the speech. If anything goes wrong, we have Gorgalac. Our plans tomorrow should go off without a hitch.

Tomorrow, the king will fall.


Despite their protests, the evidence against the party was undeniable, and they were swiftly arrested and sent to the Imyur, the most secure prison in Konnorith. They were told that they were scheduled for execution in one week’s time, and locked in individual cells. Things looked bleak. From a dark cell across the corridor, a wicked cackle broke the silence…

The Plan

The other prisoner revealed himself to be Loughlin Hale and offered to help the party escape. When they were skeptical, he admitted that he had failed to escape several times before, and as a result, the bars on his cell had been replaced with new ones made of a magic-resisting material. The other cells, however, were only barred with iron, because the guards did not think Loughlin capable of helping anyone but himself. Loughlin agreed to unlock one of the party’s cells with a Knock spell and render them invisible for a short time, but only if they could find a way to recover their old gear (to defend themselves from the guards) and also create some sort of distraction to make their escape easier. If the party could do this, and then unlock Loughlin’s cell, he would lead them to a hidden escape route. Having no other options, the party agreed.

When the prisoners were herded into the cafeteria for lunch, the party split up and went to work figuring out who the power players were within the Imyur. They quickly learned of the two rival gangs that made up the bulk of the inmates: the Wyvern’s Sting, led by a shady halfling called Snakebite, and the Black Hammer, led by a powerful half-orc named Ogranak. Various members of the party spoke with each gang leader, and eventually they earned a bit of their trust.

The following day, they hatched a plan. They were able to persuade the leaders of both gangs to cooperate with each other for long enough to organize a coordinated breakout, on one condition—the gangs refused to take such a dangerous action unless all the inmates could be armed with weapons. Later that day, while the prison warden was on his lunch break, Loughlin Hale opened Gorgalac’s cell door and cast invisibility on him. The half-orc bolted for the warden’s office and swiped his key ring, using it to unlock the guards’ armory and steal dozens of high-quality swords. He carried them throughout the cell block, quickly distributing a weapon to each prisoner to be hidden in their cots. He also used the stolen keys to unlock every cell door. The inmates had been instructed by their gang leaders to act casually until the guards came to release them for dinner. Gorgalac returned the keys to the warden’s office and jumped back into his cell just before the spell wore off.

Escape from the Imyur

Hours later, the guards began to unlock the cells to move the inmates to the cafeteria. To their surprise, the doors were already unlocked, and before they could react, the prisoners charged with their newfound weapons. The riot broke out instantly. Soon, inmates were pouring through the halls of the Imyur, making a break for the courtyard and the outer gates. The guards were caught completely by surprise.

The party split off from the swarm of criminals and headed for the prison’s administrative block, where confiscated goods were held until they could be moved elsewhere. After a brief struggle with two trained guards who nearly subdued them, they looted the warden’s office but could not locate the keyring Gorgalac had used before. What they did find was a collection of records on each prisoner in the Imyur, from which they pulled Loughlin Hale’s file and discovered his background. He was unfazed by their obvious desire to kill him after learning of his crimes, reminding them that he alone knew the safest path out. The group moved on to the storeroom where their gear was being kept, only to discover that the door was locked. In frustration, Gorgalac threw his weight at the wooden door, bashing it clean off its hinges. They quickly grabbed their equipment and followed Loughlin to his escape route.

To the surprise of no one, Loughlin dashed through his secret exit the moment they neared it, slamming it shut behind him and sealing it with a Hold Portal spell. The party heard him laugh from behind the magically locked door, and he thanked them for buying him some time to make his getaway. After an outburst of anger, the party recollected their thoughts and snuck back through the administrative block and up a staircase to the prison ramparts.

From atop the walls of the courtyard, they had a spectacular view of the riot going on below. Hundreds of prisoners fought with just as many guards in the wide-open courtyard, with casualties increasing by the second. With no desire to stick around any longer, they lowered a rope off the outer wall and slipped away unnoticed, casually leaving the area as inmates burst through the gates behind them.

Moving at a brisk walk, the party proceeded to the city gates, eager to get out of Fire Den as quickly as possible. Unfortunately for them, the gates were shut, and the guards informed them that the city was on lock-down until the prison outbreak was under control. The party decided to head for an inn in a rich part of the city (so as to avoid the patrols that would undoubtedly be sweeping the slums) and rented a room. There they considered their options, and realized that their best bet lay with the only contacts they could trust—Snakebite and Ogranak.



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