Paladin on a quest for vengeance


Andreus was born in a small hamlet in Blazewood, not far from the province capital of Troddirs. As a young man, he traveled to Troddirs to join the famous Academy, an isolated fortress within the city that trained paladins. There he spent the remainder of his youth, training under the master paladins of the Academy and growing especially fond of his personal mentor, a wise man named [[:Davlamin Stoneheart]].

Andreus’s paladrin training ended with disaster. One night as the fortress slept, a massive warband following the infamous bandit lord Content Not Found: Adoril raided the Academy. Andreus awoke to the sounds of combat and carnage, and joined the fight to defend his home. He was still unskilled, however, and was quickly struck down by one of the raiders. As his vision blurred and his sight faded to darkness, he saw his mentor Content Not Found: Davlamin fall in combat, blood pouring from his wounds. Andreus lost consciousness.

When he awoke, the fighting had ceased. His wounds were not grievous, but his body ached. The raiders had already looted everything of value and left the rest of the Academy in ruins. The ground was carpeted with the lifeless bodies of Andreus’s friends and teachers. On that day, he swore a solemn oath: to track down Content Not Found: Adoril and personally kill him. As soon as he had healed from his injuries, he set off for the Fire Den to raise some gold and gain experience to prepare himself for the fateful day when he would meet Content Not Found: Adoril again, and finally bring him to justice.


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