Gromnir Ironbrow

Former king of Konnorith, assassinated


Gromnir Ironbrow was the head of the Ironbrow clan of dwarves and led the expedition that discovered and settled the nation of Konnorith 400 years ago. After the nation grew, he became its first king, ruling from the Fire Den for the remainder of his life. He was assassinated after a long period of successful rule.


Little is known about Gromnir’s early years. He was born somewhere in the mainland (his exact place and date of birth is unknown, as the Ironbrow clan was constantly on the move and kept few records). He rose from obscurity when he organized a large exploratory expedition while somewhere in his 50’s, very young by dwarf standards. His clan sailed east and discovered the islands of Konnorith, which they proceeded to colonize. The colony eventually grew into a thriving nation, at which point Gromnir was selected to rule as king over the territory he discovered.

Gromnir was very young and inexperienced when he first took the throne in the Fire Den, but over time he grew to be a responsible and generous king. Once he became familiar with his duties as king, he began a long and prosperous reign that would last for the rest of his life. He had very few enemies, and was popular among his people. He never married, and had no children (he claimed that “running a kingdom is busy enough without them”).

Gromnir was assassinated on the 23rd of Lastfront, 1500dy, by an unknown assassin. His death left a gap in power that led to the division of Konnorith and began its civil war between the Northern Alliance and Telnian Empire.

Gromnir Ironbrow

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