Leader of Black Hammer gang


Ogranak was always smart, by Orc standards. His past is unknown, but he rose from obscurity when he became a loyal member of the Black Hammer gang in the streets of Fire Den. He was strong enough to hold his own against any combatant, but also possessed a surprising wit. These attributes led him to a number of successes in the seedy underbelly of the Dwarven city. He became the leader of the gang after the former leader was conspicuously assassinated. His leadership has not been challenged.

Ogranak’s criminal days ended when he was ambushed by city guard in a meeting with Snakebite, the leader of a rival gang, the Wyvern’s Sting. Ogranak and several of his allies were captured and imprisoned in the Imyur, where he struggled for power with the captured members of the Wyvern’s Sting, who he believes were behind the city guard ambush. He recently escaped in the massive prison break on the 25th of Lastfront, 1500dy.

Ogranak may be a criminal, but he’s not a liar. He believes in taking what he wants, and is not opposed to the use of strategy, but prohibits members of the Black Hammer from using the underhanded tricks utilized by the Wyvern’s Sting. The Sting’s use of such backstabbing and deceit is what puts them at ends with Ogranak and his gang. Most of all, Ogranak does not appreciate being decieved and stolen from himself.


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