Leader of Wyvern's Sting gang


One look at the halfling called Snakebite could tell you that he’s not the honest type. He has been entrenched in the criminal underworld of Fire Den since he was born, if not longer. He is unskilled in a fight, but possesses a scheming intellect that firmly placed his gang, the Wyvern’s Sting, in countless minds (and bounty lists) around the city. His style was one of quick, well-planed crimes, usually several occuring simultaneously. These tricks made him difficult to catch, but eventually he was outwitted when the city guard ambushed him while he was meeting with the head of a rival gang, Ogranak of the Black Hammer. He was imprisoned in the Imyur, along with Ogranak, who he suspects had tipped off the city guard to their meeting location. He recently escaped in the massive prison break on the 25th of Lastfront, 1500dy.

Snakebite is always willing to make new friends, provided he can use them to further his own goals later on. Many people find it very profitable to be on his good side, and he seems quite receptive to valuable gifts from new aquaintances to earn his favor.


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